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Assembly & Disassembly

Watch the following videos for instructions on assembling and disassembling your rockaRoo.

Play button rockaRoo assembly
Play button rockaRoo disassembly

For printed instructions, click here to download.

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Age/weight limit

For use from birth until child reaches maximum weight limit of 25 pounds or can sit up unassisted or attempts to climb out, whichever comes first.

Maximum weight: 25 pounds.

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Product Registration

Register your rockaRoo here.

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Instruction Manual

rockaRoo instruction manual.


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For U.S. and Canadian customers only

The full and official warranty can be found in the rockaRoo User Manual.

Plainly put: the warranty is for one year from the date of purchase, covers repairs or replacement, and is only valid in the country where the rockaRoo is purchased. Proof of purchase must be provided in order to establish the original purchase date and price.

Warranty applies to original purchaser only and is not transferrable. 4moms products purchased from online auctions or unauthorized retailers, such as eBay, are not covered by warranty.

Outside your warranty timeframe?

No problem! Please contact the 4moms Customer Care team at or by phone at 1(866)774-7177, and we'll be happy to provide instructions on how to purchase spare parts.


Unit has stopped moving and/or light ring is flashing

Check for any obstruction that may have blocked seat motion. Clear the obstruction and press the button to resume. If this doesn't resolve the issue, the child may have been placed too high or too low in the seat. Adjust the position of the child and press the button to resume.
 For a video showing proper child placement, see below.

See the Proper child placement video.

Unit speed not increasing

Adjusting the knob to the right should result in a gradual increase in the seat’s range of motion. If you are still experiencing difficulty, check the position of the child in the seat. If the child is positioned too high or too low in the seat, adjust their position and wait a few seconds for the speed to adjust. For a video showing proper child placement, see Proper child placement

Unit will not play built-in sounds

The built-in sounds won’t play when the MP3 cord is plugged into your device, so make sure the cord is unplugged. If that’s not the issue, make sure the volume is not muted.

Unit will not play from music-playing device

Try adjusting the volume on the music playing device. If it still doesn't work, check to make sure the MP3 cord is plugged in completely on both ends.

Unit is making a clicking/knocking noise

Some sound is normal while the rockaRoo is on. The sound is distinctive and has been described as whooshing or whirring – with a rhythmic tone. It should not sound like it is knocking or clicking – if it does, please check to ensure that the grey latch in the back is locked down, in place.

Unit is sparking

The sparks you’re noticing when plugging the rockaRoo power supply into a wall outlet or when connecting the power cord into the base of the seat are normal. The rockaRoo contains capacitors – electronic storage devices – that charge when first plugged in. The action of plugging in the power supply, draws a brief burst of power that can cause a momentary spark.If you notice continuous sparking or smoke at anytime you should contact a certified electrician immediately to have your house and wall outlet inspected.

Care and Maintenance

How to clean harness straps

In order to clean the harness straps you must first disassemble the seat (click here for disassembly instructions). Once disassembled, use a sink or other basin and allow the straps to dangle from the central rail into soapy water. Do NOT immerse the central rail into the water. Once clean, rinse and let dry before reassembling the unit. Watch the Product disassembly video for instructions on disassembling your rockaRoo.

How to clean rockaRoo seat fabric

The fabric seat (both classic and plush) and the newborn insert are machine washable.  We recommend washing them in cold water on the gentle cycle.  Do not use bleach.  Tumble dry separately on low heat and remove promptly from dryer.

General Usage

Voltage specifications

The power supply for the rockaRoo will work between 100 and 240 VAC (between 50 and 60 Hz.)

How to insert and adjust toy bar

Make sure the toy bar is pointing to the side (at a 90° angle) when you place it into the hole. Press down and rotate the toy bar to the front. If that doesn't work, try pointing the toy bar towards the other side before rotating it to the front.

Is the rockaRoo® infant seat approved for overnight sleeping?

No. Since it is neither a flat surface (there is always a slight recline) or a firm surface, as recommended by pediatricians, we cannot recommend that it be used for overnight sleep.

About the rockaRoo

Difference between classic and cool mesh

The rockaRoo infant seat is available in both classic and cool mesh seat fabric. The classic seat fabric is a smooth, woven polyester material and is available in grey. The cool mesh seat fabric is a breathable, mesh material and is available in dark grey. Both are easily removable, machine washable, durable and comfortable.

If you decide you want more than one seat fabric, you can purchase extra seat fabrics separately.

Product assembly

Watch the following video for instructions on assembling your rockaRoo.

Product disassembly

Watch the following video for instructions on disassembling your rockaRoo.

Proper child placement

Watch the following video for instructions on proper child placement in your rockaRoo.